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LaX Capabilities...


LaX Fabricating, Ltd. has the following capabilities utilizing both in-house equipment and our partners..

LaX offers fabricating of mild and stainless steel as well as aluminum products.  Our team of welders includes quality assurance by in-house CWI (Certified Weld Inspector) and all LaX welders are certified to the

AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6 (American Welders Society) standard and/or ASME Section 9.

LaX has a qualified procedure and certified personnel to weld A514 material in flat and horizontal positions.

Welding processes performed in our shop include SMAW (stick), GMAW (mig), GTAW (tig) and Oxy-acetylene for welding and cutting. 

LaX works under AISC guidelines and does subcontract work for AISC Certified shops.

In-House Capabilities

Large capacity wet spray paint booth 60' x 80'

Master-kut, Plasma cutting in excess of 1"

Marvel vertical bandsaw 12" x 16" throat

W.F. Wells horizontal bandsaw 36" x 24" throat

W.F. Wells vertical miter bandsaw 16" x 24" throat

Behringer horizontal bandsaw 27-1/2" x 19-1/2" throat

Ocean Avenger II Structural Drill Line

Ocean Clipper-maximum capacity 6" x 6" x 5/8"

Drill Presses     Hole punching 100 Ton

Pipe and Tube Mandrel Bending

Plate Rolling : 10ga x 10ft. maximum

Testing services available to our customers:

Ultrasonic            Magnetic Particle

Visual utilizing LaX's on call inspectors

who are certified per ASNT, NDT, Level 2 & 3, CWI

 and Certified Weld Test Conductor

Detailing services 

Field Welding and Installation 

Services available thru LaX:

Powder Painting     Galvanizing      Sand Blasting

Cincinnati 1/2" capacity 12' hydraulic shear

Cincinnati 1/4" capacity 10' hydraulic shear

Pacific 350 ton 14' brake press

Cincinnati 135 8" auto form with CNC controls, spring back measuring and tooling for 22ga thru 500

5' x 20' Oxy-fuel Single Flame Torch Cutter

Laser - Cincinnati CL707 2000 watt

Capacity 72 x 144 - Mild Steel .500, Stainless .250, Aluminum .188

Laser Cincinnati CL7 1700  watt

Capacity 72 x 144 - Mild Steel .500, Stainless .188, Aluminum .125

Structural Steel Rolling (Angles, Bars, Beams, Channels, Tees, Rail, Pipe, Tube)

Sheet Metal Pipe Fabrication, Welded and Lock seamed

LaX Farbicating, Ltd. 

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